Providing Top-Quality, Professional Painting Services in Greenville

In search of just the right Greenville painting contractor for your home or business? Then you have come to the right place. As the local leading provider for commercial work as well as house painting services in Greenville and the surrounding areas, Jim Summer Painting is guaranteed to provide you with the quality results you need.

We understand the importance of building a strong relationship with each client, based on an open-line of communication. Since 1995, we have been demonstrating to locals that quality workmanship is about more than the final paint job. The customer service and valuable feedback about topics like color choices are vital aspects to quality work, as well.

Interior Painting

interior painting greenville scWhen it comes to the aesthetics for the inside of your home or business, interior painting is everything. The colors and quality of work will help determine the look and feel of your home.

A well-painted wall becomes a solid, stunning background for the hand-selected art and elegant furnishings you have chosen for your home. A poorly painted wall becomes the absolute center of attention - but for all the wrong reasons.

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Exterior Painting

exterior painting greenville scThe outside of your residential or commercial space can begin to look drab over time. This is part of what makes it so important to invest in excellence when it comes to your exterior painting services.

Even if you intend to stick with the same color you already have, you owe it to yourself to freshen it up from time to time. It really will make a world of difference.

Not to mention, this is the ideal opportunity for a professional to inspect your exterior surfaces as a vital step in the preparation stage. Help protect and beautify your home or business, while making a great first impression and enhancing curb appeal.

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Power Washing

power washing greenville scIn between exterior paintings, and prior to applying new paint, you should also be getting a power washing. Let one of our industry experts rid your exterior surfaces of dirt, grime, mildew, mold, algae and other contaminants.

This is also an especially important task to take care of for walkways, patios, driveways and surfaces that can become slick and dangerous from algae. This service will not only completely enhance the look, it will eradicate potentially harmful substances from the surfaces.

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Caulking, Glazing & Patching

painting services greenville scCaulking, Glazing & Patching are key steps in improving your exterior surfaces. Whether part of the pre-painting preparation phase or a project all on its own, these are tasks that should be carried out by a skilled and experienced industry professional. Let the Jim Summer Painting crew masterfully handle all the work that you need to enhance the look and performance of your home or business, inside and out.

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If you would like an estimate for painting services in Greenville or the surrounding areas, please call 864-915-6520 or complete our online request form.

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