Top Quality Exterior Painting in Greenville & the Surrounding Areas

exterior painting greenville scWant to know the best way to make a profound first impression and maximize your curb appeal? It's your exterior painting that makes all the difference. However, the color isn't the only thing the matters, most important is the quality of workmanship that goes into doing exterior painting in Greenville.

In fact, even if you love the color you already have, freshening it up can make all the difference. For the finest in painting craftsmanship, as well as expert advice on choosing just the right color, locals have come to depend on Jim Summer Painting. Jim first got his start professionally painting while working at General Motors in Lansing, Michigan as a painting trainee.

Following years of professional, hands-on training he finally branched out on his own, starting this company in 1995. You can feel confident about the level of quality work you will receive for your exterior painting investment with the 30 plus years of industry related experience backing us up. The exterior of your home is making an impression right now – can you be certain it is the one you want to make?

Local Greenville Exterior Painting Professionals

Aside from enhancing your curb appeal, there are other reasons why it is imperative to address your need for exterior painting in Greenville:

  • Qualified house painters will be able to locate any possible problems that you may have with your exterior, during the preparation phase of your job. This is the perfect time to deal with issues such as missing caulking or rot.
  • Exterior paint acts as a layer of protection for your exterior. Quality paint that has been skillfully applied acts as a protective shield safeguarding your home against the elements. It can even help to deter common problems like insects or rot.
  • Did you know that this fairly simple step can add to the property value of your home? Even if you are not planning on listing your home for sale any time soon, why not maximize the value?

The bottom line is that there are countless reasons exterior painting is a fantastic step to take for improving your home, yet not a single reason to bypass this. The time to act by calling a Greenville painting contractor at Jim Summer Painting is now!

Residential & Commercial Exterior Painting Services

At Jim Summers Painting, our goal is to partner with each client in order to work through the exterior painting project, from start to finish. It is about so much more than getting excellence in painting ability, although that certainly doesn't hurt. It is also about knowing you have a seasoned industry expert on your side, to help you make wise choices.

If you would like an estimate for exterior painting in Greenville or the surrounding areas, please call 864-915-6520 or complete our online request form.

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