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Part of doing your research, in order to select the perfect Greenville painting contractor means asking important questions. What the average person wants to know is what makes one house painter better or more qualified than another. While the quality of the final results has a lot to do with it, that is not the only determining factor.

Take the Jim Summer Painting company for example. Since 1995 we have been building our flawless reputation as a local painting services provider by doing what we do best – providing 100% customer satisfaction. It is true that the residential and commercial work we do is of the highest quality, yet this is not the only trait that we have become highly regarded for.

It has been our ability to not just work with each client, but partner with them in order to accomplish a shared goal, that has immensely helped us establish and build our name. This is still your painting project, we are simply there to bring your vision to fruition. Taking a gamble and working with anyone who sees the job in any other light is not likely to get you the results that you had hoped for.

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Interior Painting

What makes interior painting so vital and, even more importantly, why is it not a DIY job? The interior painting for your home or business is what sets the mood, tone and atmosphere. All of the visual aesthetics are based on the condition of the walls and the quality of the paint job.

No matter what you add as far as wall art, decorations or furnishings, it will all only end up looking as good as the walls acting as the backdrop. In fact, if your walls are in shoddy shape, they can end up stealing the spotlight – and for all the wrong reasons. At Jim Summer Painting, we will work with you to discuss your options for colors and help you make the appropriate choice for your individual needs.

We will also invest the time required to expertly prepare the surfaces so the walls are free from blemishes. This is the only way that you can get the results you want, need and deserve. Let us help you create the perfect ambiance inside your residential or commercial space by making your walls look their very best. Call our Greenville interior painting experts today to get started.

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Exterior Painting

exterior painting greenville scLet's not overlook the value of high quality exterior painting either. Whether it is for your home or your business, the outside is what makes the first impression. It is also what adds to, or detracts from, the curb appeal as well as the overall property value.

Even if you would rather stick with the color you currently have instead of making a bold, new color choice, you should still freshen it up every so often. This not only enhances the look, it allows a Greenville painting contractor to inspect and perfect the condition of your outside surfaces. We will address issues like damaged caulking or rot and then provide you with a stunning looking exterior for your home or business.

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Why Choose Jim Summer Painting

The history behind the Jim Summer Painting company starts back in 1983 when our founder began working for General Motors as a painting trainee. Following his time at Lansing Community College, where he completed his apprenticeship classes, Jim then left General Motors to relocate in Northern Wisconsin to attend college.

He continued working in the industry as a painting and decorating supervisor for the maintenance department of the college campus. It was in 1995 when Jim relocated to the Greenville area and launched the family painting business. So for over three plus decades now, the Summer name has represented excellence in residential, commercial and industrial painting services in Greenville and the surrounding areas.

We don't just aim to meet the expectations of our customers, we strive to exceed them. This includes all the services we do such as painting, power washing, caulking, glazing and patching. The final results for the painting work we get is only going to be as good as the quality of the materials used and the professional behind the brush.

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